Jacob whom I Have Chosen, Descendant of Abraham, My Friend
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Author Dr. Jaerock Lee
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Published 2018-07-29
Language English
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The width and depth of God’s love that flows throughout the Old and New Testaments as seen with spiritual insight


Why did God establish Jacob, who was crafty, as the father of Israel?


Why did Jesus come to this earth through the tribe of Judah?


Jacob and his sons continued the orthodox genealogy of Abraham.

And in their adventurous lives are embedded the heart of God who chose them with His love and trained and refined them to bless them.


Table of Contents


Words on Publication
 1. Abraham’s Orthodox Genealogy and Jacob’s 12 sons
 2. The Old Testament is a Shadow and the New Testament is the Body
 3. Jacob’s Locations in the Bible



Jacob whom I Have Chosen,
I am with You


Chapter 1  The Twin Sons of Isaac

 1. The Older Shall Serve the Younger
 2. Esau Sold His Birthright
 3. The Promise of Blessing Given to Isaac at Gerar
 4. A Hundredfold Blessing Given to Isaac and Three Tests
 5. Peace Treaty with Abimelech at Beersheba
 6. Esau Marries a Gentile Woman


Chapter 2  Isaac Blesses Jacob

 1. Isaac Intends to Bless Esau
 2. Rebekah and Jacob’s Cunningness
 3. Jacob Receives Blessings of Firstborn
 4. Esau’s Anger and Isaac’s Prayer
 5. Esau Wants to Kill Jacob


Chapter 3  The Beginning of Jacob’s 20-year Trial 

 1. Taking a Wife from Uncle Laban’s Daughters
 2. Esau Tries to Take Back the Birthright
 3. God’s Promise to Jacob at Bethel
 4. Making a Vow before God at Bethel

Chapter 4  Jacob’s Unchanging Heart for Rachel

 1. Jacob Meets Rachel near Haran
 2. Jacob Serves for 7 Years to Get Rachel as His Wife
 3. Laban’s Deceit and Jacob’s Two Wives
 4. Leah’s Sons - Reuben, Simeon, Levi, and Judah

Chapter 5  Jacob Becomes Very Rich

 1. Rachel’s Jealousy and another Trial for Jacob
 2. Dan and Naphtali Born of Bilhah
 3. Gad and Asher Born of Zilpah
 4. Issachar, Zebulun, and Dinah Born of Leah
 5. Joseph Born of Rachel
 6. Agreement between Laban and Jacob
 7. Jacob’s Cunning Wisdom and ‘Law of Looking Forward’


Chapter 6  Preparing for the Return

 1. “Return to the Land of Your Fathers and to Your Relatives”
 2. Jacob Explains Why He Has to Leave Laban
 3. Rachel and Leah’s Unvirtuous Answer
 4. Jacob’s Family Leaves Laban in Secret
 5. Laban’s Chase and God’s Protection
 6. Laban’s Search for Idols and Jacob’s Protest
 7. The Treaty between Laban and Jacob

Chapter 7  Jacob’s Victory in Fierce Spiritual Struggle

 1. Seeing the Angels of God
 2. Jacob’s Reconciliation Effort with Esau
 3. Jacob’s Supplication in the Face of Crisis
 4. Jacob Still Acts at His Discretion
 5. Thigh Socket Dislocated at Jabbok
 6. Your Name Shall Be Israel



Descendant of Abraham My Friend,
Surely I will Help You


Chapter 8  Back to Canaan after Twenty Years of Trials

 1. Meeting Esau with Boldness and Humbleness
 2. Jacob and Esau Reconciled
 3. Declining Esau’s Kindness to Go to Succoth    
 4. Reaching Canaan the Land of Promise


Chapter 9  Sin of Simeon and Levi at Shechem

 1. Jacob’s Daughter Dinah Suffers Shame
 2. Hamor and Shechem Suggest Marriage
 3. Jacob’s Sons Demand Circumcision
 4. Jacob’s Sons Pay back Evil with Evil


Chapter 10  Preparing the Vessel to Receive God’s Blessings

 1. Go Up to Bethel and Make an Altar
 2. Religious Reformation of Jacob’s Family
 3. The Whole Family Builds an Altar at Bethel
 4. A Nation and a Company of Nations Shall Come from You
 5. Symbol of God’s Covenant at Bethel
 6. Benjamin’s Birth and Rachel’s Death
 7. Leah’s First Son Reuben and Concubine Bilhah
 8. Jacob Meets His Father Isaac


Chapter 11  Esau’s Family Leaves Canaan

 1. Esau’s Family Dwells in Seir
 2. Genealogy of Edom’s Children and Chiefs
 3. Kings of Edom and Chiefs Thereafter


Chapter 12  Joseph Sold As Slave into Egypt

 1. Joseph Hated by His Brothers
 2. Jacob Keeps Joseph’s Dream in Mind
 3. Joseph Goes to Find His Brothers in the Field
 4. Brothers’ Attempt on Joseph’s Life
 5. Joseph Sold into Egypt
 6. The Sons Lie to Jacob


Chapter 13  Judah and Perez, Orthodox Family of Abraham

 1. Faith of Judah the Fourth Son of Jacob
 2. Curses on Judah’s Children
 3. Judah and Tamar His Daughter-In-Law
 4. Judah’s Sons Perez and Zerah


 1. Jacob’s Confession Reminiscing over His Past
 2. The Twelve Tribes of Israel in Revelation
 3. The Names of the Twelve Tribes on the Twelve Gates of New Jerusalem
 4. The Names of the Twelve Apostles on the Twelve Foundations of New Jerusalem


This book explains the details of the tumultuous life of Jacob beginning with his birth until Verez was born through his fourth son Judah, who carried on the orthodox genealogy of Abraham. It also explains why Esau couldn’t receive the blessing for the first son; why Jacob’s fourth son Judah had the birthright; and why Joseph was sold into Egypt as a slave. It contains the deep and mysterious providence of God in these events.


It also explains the spiritual meaning of the names of the 12 tribes of Israel; the differences between the 12 sons of Jacob and the 12 tribes of Israel; and the differences between the 12 disciples of Jesus and the 12 apostles of the Lord after His resurrection.

Israel, which was formed through Jacob’s 12 sons, serves as the model of human cultivation as God’s elect. But because they eventually forsook the love of God and did not obey Him, the gospel was handed over to the Gentiles. This is also the love of God who wants to save not just the elect Israel but all other peoples as well. 


This is not the end of God’s love. After the second coming of the Lord in the air, God allows the ‘gleaning salvation’ to take place through the 144,000 preachers who come out from the 12 tribes of Israel (Revelation 7:4). It’s the love of God who wants to save even just one more soul.


The faithful love of God the Trinity was given in the Old Testament and will continue to be given to us until the Lord comes back. Through this book I hope the readers will understand this love of God and press on towards the city of New Jerusalem, which is the most beautiful dwelling place in Heaven.




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