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1377 Heaven (1) is available on Souq.com, the Amazon of the Middle East 2018.03.19

Heaven (1) is available on Souq.com, the Amazon of the Middle East

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UAE (ANS – March 16, 2018) -- Rev. Dr. Jaerock Lee’s English edition of Heaven (1) is available on Souq.com, which is an English-Arabic language e-commerce platform, often described as the Amazon of the Middle East. (https://goo.gl/8MRcLN)

https://uae.souq.com/ae-en/ launched the Amazon Global Store in December, 2017, to allow United Arab Emirates (UAE) consumers to tap the US online store for more than one million American-offered products.

Online shoppers in the UAE will have the option to purchase items ranging from books, apparel, shoes and handbags to home goods and watches, the company said.

Ronaldo Mouchawar, co-founder and chief executive of Souq.com, said that the company would add more selection and inventory.

Jacob Cherian wrote in his Souq.com book review, “Dr. Jaerock Lee’s book on heaven is an awesome and fantastic revelation, and he says that heaven has five levels or kingdoms. The first one is paradise, the lowest level for people saved by shameful salvation, the second one is the first kingdom, the third one is the second kingdom, the fourth one is third kingdom, and finally, the fifth one is the New Jerusalem, the highest level where God’s home is and each level is attained and has different rewards for a person`s faith and actions in this life.”

Cherian went on to state, “Dr. Lee also says Adam and Eve were created before the dinosaurs and the earth is very old, not young, and the Garden of Eden was in the second heaven in the spirit world, not on earth. He also says that Adam and Eve were spiritual beings with physical type bodies that can reproduce and have spiritual children that lived in the Garden of Eden and can travel back and forth to the earth and second heaven. He also says the footprints of ancient civilizations that built great monuments are the works of Adam and Eve’s spiritual children.”

Heaven (1) has been published through many major Christian publishers like Urim Books (Korea), Urim Books USA (US), Charisma media (US), Grace Publishing House (Taiwan), Andi Publishers (Indonesia), Word of Christ (India), and Manmin Publisher (Malaysia).

For further information, please contact Joseph Park at urimbook@hotmail.com

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